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Frequently Asked Questions


My loved one just passed, what steps do I need to take to inter the remains?

The District is licensed to inter remains when received, but the remains must first be prepared.  The preparation of human remains is generally handled by a local funeral home or cremation service provider.  Your first call should be to one of these organizations for arrangements.


Who should visit the cemetery when making at-need arrangements?

The legal custodian of the remains is generally responsible for authorizing interment.  In most cases, this is the next of kin unless a legal document has designated another person for this role.


Can I pre-purchase lots in advance?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so.  Purchasing lots and prepaying cemetery expenses generally saves money in the long run and eases future financial burdens on your loved ones.  Schedule an appointment with our staff to discuss your options.


Can I purchase lots for other family members or loved ones?  Do they have to be present when I do?

Yes, you can purchase lots for others in advance of need.  They do not need to be present when you purchase the lots, but District staff may ask you to complete certain forms designating rights of burial and/or ownership.


If I purchase a lot(s) and don’t use it, who does it pass to if I die?

The California Health and Safety code has a specific line of succession for burial lots when the owner becomes deceased.  Unless you designate another individual as the recipient, which you can do through our office or through estate planning, we will follow the legal line of succession in determining the new rightful owner.


When do you mow the cemetery? 

We mow every Tuesday and Thursday as follows; Tuesdays: Sections 1-18, 24 & 30, Thursdays: Sections 19-23 & 26-29.  Click here for a section map. Please note, due to the high volume of headstones at the cemetery, hedging and weed eating may be performed any day of the week.  The landscape crews will make every effort to safely hedge around memorial items, but contact and safety of valuable items can not be guaranteed.  We encourage the public not to leave items of value at grave sites for this reason.


When do you clean the columbarium?

Every Tuesday.


When do I have to pick up memorial items I have left at a grave site or niche?

You must pick them up the day prior to scheduled mowing or cleaning.


Where do my flowers or memorial items go if I don’t pick them up prior to scheduled mowing?

They are disposed of.  Once disposed of, they cannot be retrieved.


It was not a scheduled mowing day, why did you remove my flowers or memorial items?

The District’s maintenance team and/or grounds crew will only move or remove your memorial items for one of three reasons, 1) it is a scheduled mowing day, 2) we need to move the arrangements to perform a scheduled service or maintenance repair project, or 3) the memorial item left was in violation of our rules (click here for a list of regulations). Unfortunately, memorial items are sometimes removed by outside parties without staff authorization which may be a case of theft.  If your items were removed without the knowledge or approval of yourself or staff, we encourage you to report the issue to the local law enforcement agency.


Who is liable if my memorial items are damaged or stolen?

All memorial items left at the cemetery are left at the owner’s risk.  The District assumes no liability for lost, stolen or damaged items.  For this reason, we encourage the public not to leave items of value at grave sites.


How do I know if you are not mowing this week?

We post our annual calendar online which list scheduled “no mow” dates for the year.  You may view it by clicking here.  We also post notices on social media and through blast email.


What is the best way to stay up to date on cemetery events and no mowing dates?

Sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.


How long does it take to get the headstone set once it is received?

We generally place headstones within 10 business days of receipt, but this schedule can be delayed depending on current volume.


Who is responsible for headstone maintenance after it is placed in the ground?

The owner of the lot and/or next of kin are responsible for the maintenance of the headstone, including routine cleaning, repair or replacement.  The District reserves the right to remove or address the placement of a headstone if it presents a safety hazard.