Rules & Regulations

    1. Pursuant to California law, burial rights may only be purchased by a qualified resident or taxpayer of the Coachella Valley Cemetery (“District”), or a qualified former resident or taxpayer of the district.
    2. Burial rights may only be purchased from an authorized representative of the district at the District’s Administration office. The terms of sale are cash. Upon such payment in full, the district will issue to the purchaser (“owner”), a Certificate of Purchase of burial rights in a specific lot (“lot”).
    3. No more than one (1) pre-need burial right certificate of purchase per person is recommended.
  1. No interment may be made until all charges for lots and services have been paid in full at least 24 hours before the service is to take place here at the cemetery. Pre-need payment plans are available for all cemetery charges.
  2. An approved concrete vault or sectional liner receptacle, will be used in every interment. A handling fee will be charged in addition to the price of the receptacle. Other types of receptacles must be approved by the cemetery according to district policy.
  3. Interments and memorial services shall be made within the following scheduled time: Services to be completed and out the cemetery by 3:00 pm.
    1. Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.
    2. During frost conditions early services may not be approved.
    3. No interments will be made on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.Orders to schedule interments must be received and approved by the cemetery administration office during business hours of the preceding business day or before.
  4. No opening of a grave, or placement of any marker, plant, tree or any other ornament or devise shall be made by anyone except employee of the Coachella Valley Cemetery District.
  5. “State law gives you the righto know about future plans to use the cemetery for any other purpose.
    If you want to receive information about a change, you must contact the local planning office and pay a small fee.
    1. Pursuant to California law, an owner of a lot shall mean, the person listed as the owner of said lot in records maintained at the District’s Administration Office. The District maintains at its Administration office and a map of the cemetery showing lots in which burial rights have been sold and those lots in which rights are still available for sale.
    2. Pursuant to California law, a lot sold to an owner is presumed to be the sole burial right owner names on Certificate of Purchase. However, California law provides, that the owner of a lot does not possess title to the lot but rather, has only an interest or right of burial in the lot.
    3. No portion of any lot may be transferred. Only the entire lot may be transferred as set forth in section 8 of these rules and regulations.
    4. Except as permitted under section 8 of these rules and regulations, no owner shall transfer a lot. However, an owner may authorize the interment of another person in said owner’s lot upon execution of an interment order pursuant to the procedure set forth in these rules and regulations. An Interment Order(s) must be signed in the Cemetery Administration Office, or a Notarized Interment Order is acceptable but must be received in our office the day prior to the service or before. Any transfer of a lot is in violation of the rules and regulations and may also constitute an unauthorized re-sale or transfer of a lot in violations of California law.
    5. Transfer of lots in the Coachella Valley Public Cemetery District will not approved without payment of Endowment Care Fund deposit where such deposit was not previously made.
  6.  If an owner of a lot determines that he or she has no further need for a lot, they now may request that the district purchase said lot back by submitting a written request/application to the district at the Administration Office. If the district elects, in its sole discretion, to buy back said lot, the purchase price shall be in the same amount as the original price paid by the owner, minus any administration fee, any deposit fee and the amount of the Endowment Care Fund deposit which shall be non-refundable, shall be paid by the district upon receipt of the Certificate of Purchase and receipt of said lot.
  7.  Lot(s) on hold or not on an Agreement to Purchase will be subject to any price change, terms and conditions without notice.

Gates will be open for visitation hours daily between the hours of 7:00 am to Sundown. Administration Office hours to assist families are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

The speed limit with the cemetery grounds shall not exceed 10 mph.

Please beware that the cemetery is not on a complete flat elevation and that care must be taken to prevent potential trips and falls. If handicap access for funerals, visitations or in making arrangements for interment is of concern please call the Administration Office and we will endeavor to assist you.

Effective July 1, 2003, the cemetery will begin making interments (burials) at a depth deep enough for an additional interment to be made on top, some refer to this as stacked, companion or double depth burials.

A. (2) Adult burials
B. (1) Adult and (1) Cremation
C. (2) Cremations
D. (1) Cremation and (1) Child (any size casket)
E. (2) Children (any size caskets)
F. (1) Adult and (1) Child (any size casket)

*A Second interment will only be made if the required signature(s) from the family and burial right owner(s) are received.

  •  Only two (2) interments per adult lot only.
  • Does not apply to an interment of a #7 size receptacle.
  • Does not apply to a cremation, baby or children size lot.
  • Headstones (Marker) will stay the same size, families have the option to place a single 12”x24”x3”
    or a double 14”x36”x3” headstone (marker) on grave. Cremation, 1/4 or ½ size lots are 10”x20”x3” only.
  • Because of the increase burial depth, a greater cave in potential, we will set-up these graves like we now set-up graves that have caved in. We will no longer lower these vaults in to the grave in the presence of families. If requested, we will lower the casket into the vault then place the lid on vault. We will then wait for the family, friends and guest to leave to complete the burial.
  • If any dirt, flowers, etc. are to be placed on the casket this needs to be done prior to the lid being placed on the receptacle.
  • We will only offer a #5 vault (standard lawn crypt). Only upon request by the families will a #5 liner be offered and the service charge will be an additional $100.00. Why? Due to the double handling the casket, liner and this increases a potential liability.
  • The cemetery is not responsible for any lost, damage, or theft of any flowers, grave decorations, or personal items from your vehicle.
  • NO alcohol, picnicking, multi-legged canopies, beach/patio umbrellas, sport activities, loitering, washing cars, or dogs allowed.
  • The use of any electric or gas equipment on the cemetery grounds other than an employee is prohibited.
  • Cemetery payment plans are available to purchase a cemetery lot or to purchase the total cemetery burial charges upon request. Payment plan are available for as long as 6 months to 24 months. An Agreement to Purchase contract can be completed in the Administration Office during business hours.

The placement of flowers on graves of our loved ones is a time-honored tradition. It is an expression of love and remembrance to those who have passed from this life and is a beautiful and effective memorialization. Unfortunately, it has become necessary to adopt the following regulations:

  1. No more than two (2) containers of flowers, in addition to the headstone flower vase, will be allowed to be placed on each grave. Any additional containers or items will be removed and discarded daily or when time permits. Removal and discarding of flowers or items in violation of these rules may occur daily, weekly, monthly or annually. The cemetery personnel will not be responsible for the selection of additional items removed and discarded. These policies are in effect to all burials recent or otherwise. If a headstone has not been placed the policies are still in effect. Please confine all flowers, items etc. to two (2) containers. Anything picked up and disposed of cannot be retrieved from the flower trailer or disposal area.
  2.  There will be no exception for any holiday.
  3. No picket fences, food items, glass or breakable containers are NOT allowed.
  4. Plastic flowers are acceptable.
  5. Do not stab, stick or place flowers or any other items around the headstone or the entire length of the grave.
  6. Do not pour gravel, rocks or any loose items in any container or headstone flower vase.
  7. Thursday will be our normal mowing day. Removal of all flowers, decorations and/or solar lights begins at 7:00 am. Once they have been picked up by cemetery employee they cannot retrieve from our flower trailer or our disposal area. If we need to mow on a day other than Thursday due to funerals or overseeding preparation we will do our best to place your flowers and decorations back to their original locations.
  8. All flowers, except those on new graves, will be removed from the grounds on mowing day (Thursday). Flowers that have not become unsightly in their appearance will remain on a new grave for a maximum of three (3) days, the service day counts as one (1) day. When new grave flowers from the funeral are removed everything that is on the grave will be removed and discarded.
  9. The placement of candles on cemetery grounds or on top of markers is prohibited, this practice can cause permanent damage to markers and surrounding turf. Do not dig around the grave marker or the outer perimeter of the grave lot.

Please report any theft of flowers to the Administration Office or local law enforcement agency. A license plate number or general description of the individual is necessary for any type of action to occur. Please keep your vehicle locked at all times when unattended.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the placement of flowers on graves a beautiful memorialization rather than an impression of neglect.

  1. All markers to be accepted by the Administration Office as being conforming with current rules and regulations. A release of liability form for all markers will be required before the placement or setting of marker is made.
  2. Only flat – type markers shall be used in the cemetery.
  3. Only Solid Granite, Solid Marble or Bronze Marker will be accepted. The imported Terrazzo type marker will not be accepted. No laminated markers will be accepted. Laminated is defined as two (2) or more materials combined together.
  4. All markers must be pre-set in concrete to afford a concrete border on all four sides with a flower cup incorporated. The border is to be poured by cemetery personal only. The cemetery will endeavor to pour concrete border and set marker as soon as time permits. A current setting fee will apply. The setting fee must be paid prior to delivery of headstone. If a setting fee has not be paid, prior to delivery, headstone will not be accepted.
  5. Please no beveled edges or polished borders. The cement does not adhere or bond to these edges or borders. If an edge or border is beveled with the polish, the cemetery will not be responsible for any cracking or workmanship.
  6. The concrete border shall not be painted, engraved or stained. Natural color of concrete only.
  7. Single marker size shall be 12” x 24” x 3” or Double 14” x 36” 3” only.
  8. arkers for children, babies or cremation size lots shall be 10” x 20” x 3” only.
  9. Only one (1) marker per lot is allowed. Only one (1) flower cup is allowed.
  10. Petrographs or bronze type pictures are allowed. Ceramic or porcelain types are not allowed.
  11. The placement of candles on cemetery grounds or on top of marker is prohibited. This practice can cause permanent damage to markers and surrounding turf. DO NOT dig around the grave marker or the outer perimeter of the grave.
  12. The use of any type of chemicals, herbicides, insecticides or fertilizer in any form is prohibited.
  13. As headstones, concrete cement borders, flower cups, and grave decorations are property of the purchaser, all parties agree that at no time shall they hold the cemetery responsible for any damage which may occur following the installation of said headstone on this grave this includes any exposer to naturally occurring conditions and irrigation. All repairs or replacement must be done at the purchaser’s expense. Replacement flower cups may be purchased at the Cemetery Administration Office.
  14. All headstone(s) delivered to the cemetery must be available for visual inspection and verification of the current Rules and Regulations. If inspection is not allowed to be made it will not be accepted.
  15. It is not necessary that the grave settle for a period of time before the headstone is placed. Headstones/markers may be placed as soon after the burial as needed.
  16. Headstone/markers thicker than 3in” may be accepted and if accepted an additional fee (charge) will apply.
  17. Any violation of Rules and Regulations to headstone/markers that require the headstone/marker to be repoured will be at the families’ expense. The headstone/marker will be removed and unit a new setting fee is paid the marker will be stored on our property. In addition, if a setting fee has not been paid prior to delivery it will not be accepted. Setting fee is separate and not included in cemetery burial charges. Revised 03/14/2014